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Technology & data centres


Our innovative approach to craneage solutions for the technology and data centre sector allows for the use of more modular construction to accelerate the schedule, resulting in:

  • Fewer cranes
  • Accelerated programme to commercialisation
  • Lower project costs, and
  • Most importantly, the platform for improved safety, higher quality and ‘greener’ construction.
Our solutions are scoped to suit the data centre footprint and layout with an underlying goal to reduce the number of lifts and therefore, the number of cranes.

Each solution offers:

  • Installation of modular or pre-assembled skids of:
    - Data handling & storage equipment
    - Battery racks
    - Water treatment plant & equipment
    - Roof steelwork & associated plant & equipment
  • General high-volume construction lifting –maximising the long reach & heavy lift capacity from a single position (maximum reach is 120m)
  • Increased capability to lift larger pre-cast components – columns, beams & panels (330T@15m, 100T@45m, 25T@100m, 12T@120m)
  • Fewer cranes, matched with a small crane footprint, releases laydown & onsite construction areas
  • Potential to build structural steelwork modules with equipment pre-installed
  • Potential to build precast in part-room or full-room modules.
  • Back up diesel generators installation
  • Switch room including switchboards & UPS in modules
Tech Data Sector
Tech Data Sector

Unique Features & Benefits:

  • High lift capacity – capable of lifting 330T (M2480D), allowing upsized components, increased modularisation & more extensive offsite prefabrication & pre-assembly
  • Long reach capability – boom lengths of up to 120m reducing the number of cranes required, removing site bottlenecks & reducing de-rigs & re-rigs
  • Small base footprint – equivalent to two cars parked side-by-side, freeing up much needed construction space & requiring little building stand-off
  • Operational in winds of up to 20 m/s wind – reduced comparable downtime, weather vaning capability avoids out of service boom down & logistics required to facilitate.
  • Marr Transit System (MTS) - a modular rail system that provides full crane capability with minimal ground preparation. Ideally suited to the installation of product streams or trains, the MTS offers:
    - Increased site coverage with minimum impact on space
    - A reduction in the number of cranes required, removing site bottlenecks & reducing de-rigs & re-rigs
    - Superior positioning of crane solutions compared to traditional craneage avoiding the need to decommission and move cranes as the build continues.